Die Cutter Maintenance

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Explore your benefits – Die Cutter maintenance

With DC-PlatenClean equipment, the platen of a die-cutting machine can be cleaned efficiently. We offer tools and machine for die cutter maintenance.

Die cutter maintenance rust and dirtBefore Platen Cleaning

Benefits – Platen Cleaning

Die cutter maintenance by LSflexo ApS. We introduce increased flexibility to the cleaning routines of your die cutting machine by presenting a simple, off-the-shelf and easy-to-use product.

Significantly, reduce the time required for machine preparation and setup prior to operation of flatbed die cutters. This also eases the use of multiple different make-readies per day. Altogether, this helps to increase both productivity and profit margin.

Other Benefits

The process also has other long-term benefits. By cleaning oxidation off with our tools, you can maintain the precision and quality of your die cutting machinery. The reduction in needed cutting pressure introduced in this way may help prevent wear and cease nicks.

Main reasons for maintaining platen condition:

– After cleaning, you reduce pressure by 30%. Thus, use less energy.
– 70% of make-ready time.
– Longer service life for your machine.
– Less patching.

Main reasons for buying our product TX-5 or the TM1.5:
– Clean when you have the time and when the machine needs it.
– It is a one-off investment.
– Payback after using the machine 4 times.

Overview – Platen Cleaning / Die Cutter maintenance

LSflexo develops and delivers cleaning solutions for die cutting machines that optimize the efficiency and prolong the life of your die cutting machine.

By removing the buildup of oxidation, you return the platen to its original factory condition as far as this is possible.

We develop and produce our products with great attention to detail.

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