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Platen Cleaner with LSflexo

Welcome to the LSflexo website. LSflexo is a Danish company centrally located in Nyborg in central Denmark. We already have several well-known and reputable groups of customers in our portfolio. Our partner network is also being continuously expanded.

We have added a web shop to our website, it makes it easier for you, as a customer and consumer, to re-order your consumables and accessories.

LSflexo is a company that develops and manufactures products under the name DC-PlatenClean. DC-PlatenClean stands for “Die Cutter platen clean“. One result of this development is a range of platen cleaning tools and machines as well as accessories. All these products are for use in the cleaning process where the secondary purpose is to remove dirt and rust from the surface of the platens, while the overall purpose, of course, is to increase your business’s earnings and contribution margin. The result is improvements in your company’s production facilities in the form of increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption per unit caused by shorter set-up times and reduced energy consumption per unit.

Who are we?

LSflexo was established as part of a demand for disc cleaning products for low heights. The first product launched on the market was the DC-PlatenClean TX5 machine. Immediately afterwards, we launched the DC-PlatenClean TM1.5 tool, a 3-block module tool consisting of single block, guide block and press unit. We constantly work to expand the product range with, amongst others, a maintenance software package for use in the Die cutting process. In addition, we continue to expand the accessories program, but for those customers that do not want to perform the platen cleaning process themselves, we can offer this service through our partner, or the company DC-PlatenCleaner.

Among the products developed is the DC-PlatenClean TM1.5 tool, a user-friendly, patent-pending product. The platen cleaning process with DC-PlatenClean TM1.5 is easy, fast and uncomplicated and may be performed by the operator. The cleaning process should be part of your company’s weekly or monthly maintenance protocol, so that your die cutter platen stays in the shape or condition it was in when it left the factory. If you want to restore the surface of the platen then this is also possible with TM1.5. However, the first time, it takes a little bit longer than it subsequent will. But the results will be the aforementioned improvements in production facilities.

The DC-PlatenClean TX5 is a larger machine that polishes using a pneumatically driven unit. The machine is slightly larger than the TM1.5 and it is necessary to remove chain and sledge before use. This disassembly must be carried out by trained personnel or by one of our service partners.


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