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Platen Conditioning – Equipment.

The DC-PlatenClean accessories, tool and machine is a series of equipment designed for easy platen cleaning. Equipment that cleans the platen using a mechanical polishing. All designed for narrow places that are difficult to access and with low height. The series is especially developed for the Die Cutting machine and made for cleaning the platen. Platen Conditioning is a future maintenance that will be needed to secure lower production cost throughout the industry.

Reasons for maintaining Platen Conditioning

It is well-known that raw steel and moisture is a combination that results in oxidized iron which, over time, creates problems for the corrugated cardboard and cartonnage industry. It results in with a lot of patching which leads to longer set-up times, increased cutting pressure and a shorter service life for the dies.

The equipment DC-PlatenClean is a cheap way to save money and keep the platens in good condition and, thereby, achieving:

– Less Patching which equals shorter set-up time.
– Up to 70% less time spent on set-up.
– Decrease in pressure.
– Less energy spent.
– Increased service life of the dies.

Other benefits

With these tools and machines, you can carry out the cleaning when you need it and when it fits best into your production schedule. The equipment is designed to maintain Platen Conditioning and to fit into every Die Cutting machine on the market. The DC-PlatenClean equipment is designed for easy set-up and ease of handling.

Tool and Machine – Platen Conditioning

DC-PlatenClean. TX5 and TM1.5

There are two types of equipment designed by LSflexo: Manual Tool DC-PlatenClean TM1.5 and the machine DC-PlatenClean TX5 both preform mechanical polishing. The difference between those two types is how they work; one performs manual mechanical polishing and the other pneumatic driven mechanical polishing.

The TM1.5 is a more manual tool that is maneuvered by hand over the platen surface, still a pneumatically pressurized tool.

The TX5 is pneumatically driven; however, it is still maneuvered over the platen manually while being much easier to handle than the TM1.5. The preparation for using the TX5 is different, however, as the sled and chain of the Die cutter pressing section must be removed before it is possible to use the TX5.

DC-PlatenClean. TM1.5

With the DC-PlatenClean TM1.5, the industry is now able to remove the oxidized iron and dirt from the platen without having to remove the chain and sled. Therefore, the die cutting machine retains a near-new condition throughout its lifetime.

The DC-PlatenClean Tool TM1.5 is easily maneuvered by the operator, thus continuously maintaining the platen by cleaning and removing the oxidized iron and dirt. This is made easy, using the TM1.5 press-unit and its 2 blocks.

How To

Place the bottom block on the lower platen; then the pneumatic block (patent pending) and, finally, the upper block. Pressurize the tool which expands until the third and upper blocks reach the top platen. Then, screw the pulling stick into the upper or bottom part of the tool depending on access possibilities. Afterwards, adjust the pressure, making it possible for the operator to pull the DC-PlatenClean forward and backwards.
Now, it is easy to carry out the Platen Conditioning

DC-PlatenClean TX5

The TX5 is an advanced machine with pneumatically driven oscillations. The polishing surface/pad surface area is nearly 3 times the area of the TM1.5 and up to 5 times that of other known conversional tools. This means that the polishing area is more equally shared over a larger area through the polishing process.

This machine is designed for a complete surface refreshment of the Platen and is used less often than The TM1.5 due to the complex preparation, including removing the chain and sled. And, in combination with the TM1.5, for frequent cleaning and the TX5 for yearly refreshment, you will be able to maintain the platen conditioning.

We have sold this machine TX5 in combination with our manual tool TM1.5 to bigger, well-known companies. The TX5 is aimed at companies that have skilled technicians with the skills to remove the sled and chain from the die cutter pressing section. If these skills are not available amongst the company’s employees, we recommend that you use one of our skilled service partners for this yearly maintenance.

Now carrying out the maintenance of the Platen Conditioning is easy.

Accessories and Consumables – Platen Conditioning

Accessory program

LSflexo designs and produces equipment for platen conditioning maintenance. This has resulted in an accessory program that fits our range of tools and machines. These products should make it easy for you as our customer to get started with the cleaning process, without having to make purchases anywhere else. In other words, everything you need for the platen cleaning process can be purchased here from us. We can supply everything from chemicals, cloths, pads, machines to tools.
Our experience with the Platen Conditioning process has shown that there is a need for different accessories and our accessories program is being constantly developed and expanded. Visit our shop here!


Our product range also includes consumables in sizes adapted to our tools and machines. We have found the best materials for polishing discs/pads and microfiber cloths for applying fluid to the surfaces. The pads are available shaped both for the TX5 and the TM1.5 in 3 different grits: Coarse, medium and fine. The cost of each cleaning process depends on how dirty the platen surface is. But between 4 (2 Medium + 2 fine) to 8(2 coarse + 4 medium + 2 fine) TM1.5 pads per cleaning – and when using the TX5 calculate 2 coarse + 3 medium + 1-2 fine.

Cleaning is not complete without a rust solvent, cleaner and final food oil – all attractive, food-approved chemicals used during the platen cleaning process. You can find all your consumables in our shop here!

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